About this blog

about me 2Thank you very much for checking out my blog, it is my passion project that I work on when I am not writing for other people. I am a freelance writer and have been since my birthday in 2015, you can see from my photo that it certainly wasn’t my first birthday!

Writing, among other things like skateboarding, is my passion. I have been writing since 2010 and have learnt so much from it. Much of this stuff is now filling the posts of this blog.

On this blog, you are going to find a lot of random thoughts, some interesting facts, some stuff about skateboarding and just my life in general, much of which will be me complaining that I am hungover.

Each post has its own character and its own takeaways but I hope you find them all funny, interesting or thought provoking. All posts are just a humorous look at the world, if you are offended then I offer my apologies, please feel free to educate me here: contact me.




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