The future locked away

A world full of wonder and darkness all at once, the locks, the chains, some made from metal some made from flowers, they all act the same. The world is full of locks and chains, the dark, cold steel pressing down on the love of children in the night wanting to escape the grasp of them.

We spend our lives working to keep our kids in cages, these cages surround their playgrounds keeping them safe or us safe from their beautiful minds, their minds that could change the world in a blink of an eye, so it is best to keep them caged. We keep our kids caged during the day only to keep them locked in the house or garden during the evening. At the weekends, we take them to places of play that keep them caged once again.

We spend our days caging up the future generation because of our fear of the world. We try to protect them from the world that we don’t understand because we don’t understand it. Then comes the day when they are free, free to roam a world that they don’t understand because their parents didn’t take time to understand it. They show the same fears that their parents showed because kids are a reflection of their parent’s good nature and their fears.

These fears now flow through their lives just like they did their parents lives. These fears dictate who they are to become in a world of locks and keys and cold, dead steel. They are waiting to have children so they too can lock them up in schools, playgrounds and their own fearful minds.


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