Fourteen Decisions

When you were fourteen, you were asked to choose the subjects to study that were going to affect the rest of your life. As I am sure that most you can guess, I wasn’t the most switched on fourteen year old. I didn’t know what I wanted to do that day, let alone for the rest of my life. Yet I had this choice to make, an important choice, or so I was told.

The classes I really wanted to do were woodworking and art, not really having a clue that I would end up making wooden bowls and stuff later on in life. I choose these subjects because I wanted to be creative, but wasn’t given the option to be creative. My creativity either wasn’t enough or was too much. It didn’t fit within the boundaries of boxes that the teachers had to tick and so wasn’t considered good enough.

I also learnt that I loved English, even though I never admitted it to anyone, I loved to write and had a passion for writing. The only problem was, I didn’t like writing what people told me to write, I could only write about what was on my mind at the time, and that was seldom Shakespeare.

That was half of my life ago now, and now I understand that the school system is designed to get you through school and on to your next challenge. It isn’t intended to take this creative nature and let it grow. Doing that with everyone would be impossible.

My creativity came out in writing, woodworking and skateboarding, three things that are never put together in the same sentence by anyone. This meant there was no way of me letting go of this built up creative energy. It just stayed with me until I learnt to release it alone. This made working a job quite hard for me when I was younger. I knew I wanted to do something, I knew I didn’t want to do the thing I was doing, but I had no idea what I actually wanted to do.

Thankfully, I know what I want to do now, it only took me a decade after my choices were made to come to that realisation and I am pretty happy with that. A lot of people don’t realise until it’s too late.


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