It’s International Women’s Day!

It being international women’s day today, I thought I should write something for it, I have no idea what to write, but I am going to write something.

I thought I should write about the women that inspire me, but that would take a while because I have a bunch of women in my life that inspire me. Plus, I kind of think that would be a little cliché, like buying flowers on Valentine’s day simply because it’s Valentine’s day. I could write about feminism, but that isn’t exactly a topic for a man to write about, no matter the opinion that man has about it.

So, what the fuck can I write about? I could tell the story of my sister throwing my mate out of the house when we were kids again, to show what a powerful woman can do but I have done that. I could write about my girlfriend, but that will make my blog look like an Instagram page full of selfies of us looking all cute and cool, you know, like people do cos they want the world to know they are happy and that. I could talk about a strong woman like my mum, who battled through a hell of a lot when I was a kid, but she reads this blog to laugh not to be reminded of a shit time in her life.

So, what can I talk about? I suppose I could talk about how men don’t realise they are growing up in a male lead world when they are boys and it only really hits them when they see shit happening in the world that doesn’t sit right with them. I could write about that, but I think that most women understand that.

So basically, I have no fucking idea what to write about today. Guess I could write about Donald Trump, I haven’t checked the news, but I’m sure he must have done something stupid already today, he must have!

I dunno, I guess all I can say is, happy international women’s day! I hope all of the women that read my blog go out and do something amazing today and tomorrow and for the rest of the year. The world is changing, and it’s because of you that it’s changing for the better, it’s going to take time, it always does, but keep working and keep going because you can do anything you fucking want to!


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