I went to York to see the Vikings, and all I got was the lousy Romans

My girlfriend phoned me a few weeks ago saying she was going to go up to York to cover a shift in a shop up there and asked if I would like to go with her. I jumped at the chance; York has been on my list of places to go for a long time now, so I took the opportunity and went for it. We booked a hotel and I couldn’t wait for the trip, finally, a chance to see the Vikings!

A day or two before the trip, I thought I better have a look around the web to see what there was to do, planning at its finest. I started looking, found the Viking museum, and it was a done deal. I love Vikings, they were a smart bunch of ‘savages’. Then I found out the museum was closed for refurbishment for our entire two-day adventure. Well, that’s shit, but there must be more Viking stuff up there, right?

Well, yea there is, there was some sort of Viking fair or festival going on that ended a few days before we arrived. There was also something that coincided with half-term, the week after we were there. But nothing during our time there. 0ver 300 years of history and nothing to show for it! So, I decided on the first day that I would look around the city for anything Viking, didn’t really see anything, but then I wouldn’t have because my stops were a pub and a bookshop.

The second day we looked at a load of churches because they are free and cool inside. Then we went to the Yorkshire Museum, and after a few hours of looking through the stuff that the Romans left behind, I found what I had been searching for, a Viking horde. The Viking horde was really cool, it showed that whoever had buried this fuck-tonne of silver had travelled a fair way and made some money. I also saw a sword, and as I am a child, that was pleasant too.

I didn’t really get to see all of the Viking stuff that I wanted, but I saw some and that was enough for me, for now. I will be going back to York one day because it is a beautiful place, I will just make sure they ain’t painting the museum first!


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