Sexism and racism in business, it makes no sense

For years, probably from the beginning of business as we know it, there has been an overwhelming idea that if you are male and white then you will go far. I have no idea why this is, I am both of those things and a total idiot. If you have read my blog for any length of time, I am sure that I don’t have to tell you this, but welcome new readers, you are currently reading the words of a fool. Anyway, this idea that all white men are created equal is fucking idiotic. It is a child’s fantasy (perhaps we have just figured out why this unwritten rule was put in place all those years ago) a child’s fantasy that has been left to grow like a disease, a virus, inside the business world. But why? It’s so fucking stupid.

If we can all agree that anyone who makes it to the top in business is greedy as fuck, which I think we all can, then you will understand my reasons for thinking this is a dumb rule to have. You see, I know nothing of business, I am not greedy, however, if I did run a business, I would want the very best people in every single role that my business had. I would want the same if I were greedy, so I could make a shit load of money.

The colour of someone’s skin, the genitals they have swinging or not swinging between their legs should be of no importance. If you are greedy and want to make a shit load of money, hiring the very best, will make you shit loads. Hiring the very best of one gender and one skin colour, makes no sense, you are missing the very idea behind your own greed.

I think we figured out the reason why this unwritten rule was put in place at the very beginning of this post, it is a child’s rule. Every business man must think people of colour and the opposite sex have cooties. You only have to look at the new “leader of the free world” to see that the business world is a playground for children in suits.


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