We must evolve again!

head-1745250_1920Throughout history, the world and the societies that live on it have changed an enormous amount. We would never be caught in a cave sharpening our flint axe nowadays and yet only a few thousand years ago, that’s what our grandfather’s grandfather was doing. We wouldn’t throw our morning shit out into the street nowadays; yet only a few hundred years ago, that was part of daily life.

These changes come because we find better ways of doing things. We don’t burn everything down to the ground and start over at each pivotal moment in history, we evolve, just as the earth and the animals upon it have been doing since the very beginning. Evolving is what makes us stronger, the more we learn and grow, the longer we live, the better we live.

There have been a number of people throughout history that thought it would be better if we were back in those caves. There are still some today. Some people would prefer us to be in our clans, fighting with each other over our territories. What can we do to stop them? We can do what we have always done, we can evolve. We can’t burn the world down around them because where would we live? Instead, we can grow, learn and leave them behind if we must.

They say we used to live by one rule, it was a very simple rule, survival of the fittest. I say that we still live by that rule. The fittest is no longer the strongest or the fastest. Instead, the fittest are the people that want the world to grow, to learn, to survive, to live as one big community. There will always be people who want us to go backwards, these people want us to go backwards because they know the future has nothing to offer them. That’s the very reason we must continue to evolve and continue to get stronger. We must leave these people behind us in their caves and move on to a better world.


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