Misunderstood Identity

This is a message to say sorry.

I’m sorry for being me, a misguided fool who pretends to be cool while underneath I am filled with lies and deceit.

I throw an image of myself out to the world, while some like it and some hate it, it’s not me at all, so why should I care?

Why should I care when these people stare, they aren’t looking me, just a creative choice with opinions it feels it needs to voice.

I may be misunderstood, but no one misunderstands me more than I do.

The chances I blew, the times I flew off the handle for really no reason at all.

The times I feel lowest is when I know I’ve hurt someone close because I am so engrossed in my own pain and suffering I can’t see theirs and finally when my apology is prepared, they’ve gone.

I know this is wrong and if I could help it I would.

I am misunderstood.

I try to make amends but know deep down it will happen again, that feeling I get deep down, that attitude to everyone around,

That stupid text I send, just to start a fight, it’s time to stop pretending everything’s alright.

I know I need some sort of help and this isn’t a cry or a plea, my cries for help are nasty and cut deep, not wanting you to weep but to simply see this isn’t me, just another misunderstood identity.


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