A morning that started before dawn

purple-690724_1920I awoke before dawn, just like I have done for the past two years, the clouds covered the sky, hugging the earth and keep the warmth in for us early risers. I went outside to smoke, to wash the cobwebs of the night of beers out of my system and waited for the kettle to boil so I could have my first cup of coffee of the morning. I was awake; I was ready for the day before my coffee had even been poured. I saw a man walking to or off work out in the quiet street; he was walking quickly so he either wanted to be at home where the heating could block out the winter morning, or he was late.

My day was ready to begin, I switched on my laptop and hesitatingly checked my emails to see if the thing that bothered me all day yesterday had been resolved, it hadn’t. I went in search of work and adventure; I found both and my energy was once again restored.

Now the light of the morning is coming through the curtains; the wintery weather is slowly coming in and undoing all of the work that clouds did all night. It is a new day, a Thursday where everything has gone right, so far. I shall work until my fingers can not work anymore and then see what the day holds for me.


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