The young man and the car

A young man was walking along a residential street one day, the weather was cold but not wet, leaves were on the ground but there was no wind. As he walked, he saw an older couple looking at the engine of their car, bonnet open, with puzzled looks on their wrinkled faces. He decided to take his training out and offer them some assistance, he had trained briefly as a mechanic before finding his true calling as a builder. He asked if they need any assistance in their troubles and they jumped at the chance of some help from the young man.

He quickly found the problem and got the engine started, the problem was something far more complicated than this silly writer could say, but the young man’s training made it a simple fix. He was happy with his work and looked at the elderly couple who appeared to mirror his happiness in the completion of this task. They thanked him, offered him £10 for his hard work, he declined and said it was his pleasure. He took a step onto the pavement and, after helping the elderly women into the passenger seat of the car, waved his farewells to the car and its occupants. He then continued his walk, he was walking to the shop to spend his hard earned money on a few beers and snacks for the evening.

As he was on his returned walk from the shop, bag of snacks and beer in hand, he noticed a man of similar age to him looking at the space that the car had once occupied, he remembered the elderly couple and how nice they had been. He asked this man if he needed any help. The man turned with a sadden and madden look upon his face and said that someone had stolen his car not 10 minutes before. The young man was in shock, had he just help a couple of elderly car thefts steal this poor man’s car? Had he indeed just become a car theft? Had the camera on the corner seen him during his act of kindness that turned out to be an act of criminality? Had he put his trust into two people that he shouldn’t?


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