There’s panic on the streets of everywhere

festival-1539083_1280I began writing an article about all of this presidential stuff the other day and I stopped myself because I really didn’t know what to say, I still don’t, I haven’t clue what is going to happen and it really shouldn’t bother me so much because I’m not from America and won’t be going there anytime soon. However, I think this decision could well change the world forever, just as our vote to leave the EU will change our world.

The future is looking pretty unclear at the moment, I understand that this isn’t the first time that has been said in history and it certainly won’t be the last. I think the reaction to everything that has happened recently, the vote to leave the EU and the vote for the president is now panic. Both ideas seemed good, even funny sometimes (‘imagine if we actually did it!’ that sort of thing) now that all of this stuff has actually come to life, we can do nothing but panic because we don’t know what the future will hold.

laundry-413688_1920Before we had a plan, even if it wasn’t our plan and we didn’t feel in control of that plan, there was one and that made most of us feel safe. Now there is no plan for the future in which we can feel safe, sometimes this is good and healthy and other times this is the scariest thing you can imagine. This is why we are reacting in the ways we are, pleading for recounts, revotes and other things that a democracy shouldn’t provide because that isn’t how it works, we are panicking because the plan for the future isn’t set in stone anymore, this once freeing and exciting thought is now the scariest thought the world can think of.


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