What a bleak week

forest-868715_1920The last week or so has been very bleak. The weather has taken a turn for the worst and the country is now in the full swing of autumn. Now the clocks have changed and the nights are getting shorter by the second, as the leaves die and fall to their graves, you see the bleakest reflected in everyone’s face as they walk down the street. the couples huddle together for warmth, the people on their way to work, keep their heads down, wrapped in their coats hoping for a better morning tomorrow. That morning won’t come for some months and they are destined for this cold commute until then.

Everyone appears to be alone, alone and afraid as if it is a reflection on how they see the world. Whether this is true or not, I can not be sure. Something I know to be true though is that this bleak world is not always such a cold and miserable place.

Seeing the leaves fall from their home and onto the ground like wonderful pieces of coloured snow, can be a beautiful sight, if you are watching them fall to their deaths from your window, rather than at the cold bus stop, never knowing if today will be the day the cold finally takes your feet away.

Thankfully, my week has not been bleak, all things considered including the weather, my week has been one of fun and excitement. The weather may be bleak but my outlook on life has gone unchanged, it is still as colourful as ever. Just like the fiery orange leaves up in the trees slowly but surely making their way down to the ground to their final resting place.


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