Don’t stop the train!

gleise-1555348_1920A miserable day is not miserable when you having something to live for. Something that you are reaching and stretching for, something that you have to do before you die otherwise nothing will mean a thing. Whatever that thing is, it can get you through plenty of rough times. Those rough times don’t feel as bad when you have a goal, they can feel like a mere blimp or bump in the road on your way to completing a goal.

A goal like this can seem to others as something pointless, it is to them, but when your life depends on that goal, you don’t care what they think. You care about the goal and all of the negative bullshit around you disappears, it’s still there but something has changed, you can’t hear it as loudly anymore. You just work hard and keep going on the plan, as if your hard work is drowning out the negative talk surrounding you, the talk that used to be the soundtrack to your life is now squashed and muted by your change in nature and the tapping away at the rock that has got you stuck in the hard place you have always been in.

shield-1519642_1920When you feel like that, what can stop you? YOU! The only thing that can halt a train moving as fast as that is the driver. The driver may begin to slowly turn the volume up on the negative talkers, then comes the negative thoughts and suddenly the track that was once zooming down the tracks towards something bigger than the driver ever thought possible, is laying in a field, on fire, slowly burning, rusting, decaying into the ground as the driver lays there, wondering what happened.


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