Your future self.

head-1745250_1920This is a story which has already happened, the reason you don’t know it yet is because it happened in what some call the future but I call the past. It’s not important why I call this the past as that is a different story in itself, one that isn’t as interesting as this one.

This story takes place in 2018, unlike all the other future stories, there is no end of the world or world to save, it is simply a simple day in a simple world full of extraordinary people. The world is earth and the time 8.03am, time ticks away as normal but there is a strange feeling in the air, a feeling that everyone knows isn’t normal, however, no one can put their finger on what has changed. The rat race continues in their zombie-like state getting to work in silence, aching to know what each other do as they see each other for a few stops every day and depart knowing they will see each other tomorrow but not knowing why only knowing they hate their job and if their 11-year-old self could see them now they would surely slap them in disgust. No 11 year old wants to be a banker and if they did then an imagination was lacking from that child’s life.

This day and the strange feeling in air is not due to evil but instead the power of realisation, no one knows why but all of a sudden the rat race has become unsure about their life’s and are remembering what it was like to be their 11-year-old self almost a slap through time with the simple question ‘what have you done to us?’ With this sudden realisation of waking up and having passion back, a feeling lost for so long, the rat race drop their briefcases and smartphones and rush home to find the job they always wanted. It’s the rebirth of firemen, doctors, artists, nurses, writers, policemen, astronauts, pilots and a couple of builders who, of course, idolised their fathers and wanted to become just like them or just really liked Bob the builder.

A new generation has been born with a sudden realisation of following their dreams and not falling into a jshield-1519642_1920ob they hate but instead climbing up towards their dreams and as far away from mundane living as possible. This story may not be true however, it could, of course, be true and may well be your future and in the year of 2018 someday at 8.03am you may well remember what you should have become instead of what you have become. Would you like the date of this event for something to look forward to? Well I wouldn’t want to give away all the facts now, would I? Where would be the fun in that? Just remember, one day in the future you will wake up and realise you are wasting your potential and you can either forget about it or embrace the change, I wonder which you will decide to do? But then I already know what you will do and I know you’re going to be great at it but can you remember what that dream you had was?


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