My bad day

dogs-708354_1920Yesterday I had a bad day. We all get them and they aren’t our fault, sometimes it is our brain, sometimes it’s someone else’s. I know your brain is technically you, but if you read my book, you’ll know what I think about that!

So my bad day was just shit really. I had loads to do and didn’t really do anything. I just felt so unmotivated because I have a big goal that I want to achieve with someone that I don’t want to let down and a lot of shit needs to happen before I can reach that goal. The day before yesterday, I spent all day thinking about everything that I needed to do to reach this goal and stressing myself the fuck out. By yesterday, I had confirmed in my head that there was no way I was going to be able to achieve everything I had to. I almost quit before I really got started because I was looking at this massive goal and it was freaking me out.

You see, I think looking at a big goal is healthy, it helps you break it down into little bite-size goals that help you towards the little goals. However, spend too long looking at the big goal and it will fuck with you. When you look at the big goal, it looks unachievable because it is, that’s why it’s the big goal. So looking at the whole goal will stop you from ever taking a step towards it.

DSCF7701_editedLet me try and paint a picture for you because I’m confusing myself! Let’s say the big goal is a 1,000 mile trip from point A to point B. Now, I don’t give a shit what car you have, no car can do that on one tankful. So, the little goals for the trip would be getting to petrol stations along the way, maximising your MPG to save you money and probably finding hotels along the way cos 1,000 miles is going to take you a while. Just setting off without a plan is dumb. You need a plan and that plan will not be helped if you just draw a line on a map and stare at it all day.

Right, now I have totally confused us all! I know the example doesn’t make any sense but fuck it, if you’re reading this blog for sense then you don’t deserve sense! Basically, I spent all looking at the map I drew a line across, it does nothing for you, don’t stare at the map, look closer and see what you can do along the way to make the trip a success.

Fuck this, I had a bad day yesterday. Can we just leave it at that, please?


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