Wishing for things is child’s play

shield-1519642_1920Wishing for things is a very odd thing. It is a childish thing. It is something that children do while blowing out their candles on their birthday cake and it’s something that continues throughout life because adults still believe that if they wish hard enough, something may happen. One example of this is wishing to win the lottery, your wish may come true, but that’s because you play the lottery. It’s not because a random stranger entered your numbers one week for you without you knowing and then gave you a shit load money.

A wish does nothing. I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but wishes are worthless. The only way to get something in this non-magical world that can sometimes feel magical is by working fucking hard for them. Waiting around for a day to come that will never come is a pointless and fruitless task and you will die so far away from your goals that you may as well have never wished for them to come true in the first place.

Waiting for someone to hand you something you want is what children do. Think about it this way, how many times have you had your shopping paid for? How many times has someone paid your rent? How many times has a stranger got your coffee for you? Waiting and wishing for these things would leave you hungry, homeless and without coffee and so we all spend our money blindly on them while waiting for someone to hand us the key that willpocket-watch-1637396_1280 unlock our dreams. We wait, with hope, that one day someone will just give us something because we think we deserve it, yet if you have just been waiting around for it to happened, do you really deserve it?


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