Are you talented or skilled?

music-748118_1920How do you know if you are talented at something? Stupid question, I know, because people will let you know if you are talented at something, but how do they know that talent isn’t skill? If talent is something you are born with and a skill is something that you have to work hard for, how can someone say you are talented at something if they don’t know how long you have been working at it?

Say, for example, I see an artist who creates masterpieces like they are going out of fashion. I would say that artist is talented as fuck. However, I have just glanced at some pieces that they are producing right now. How do I know that they don’t have a wardrobe at home full of shit that even their parents wouldn’t want to put on their fridge?

Plus, how the fuck can you be born with a talent? No baby has ever painted something as good as the Mona Lisa if they have then they have a seriously “talented” parent. I am not sure that I agree with talent being something you are born with. I think talent is mistaken for skill because people do not see the hard work and effort behind the scenes.

Being talented at something just means that you have put the time and effort into becoming skilful at something. It doesn’t mean you were born with anything that others don’t have, you just worked harder than everyone else at someone and you should be proud of that!


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