Failing to learn

laundry-413688_1920Everyone fails, it is part of life, if you haven’t ever failed then you are a failure at failing and so you have indeed failed. Now that is cleared up, it is time to spout some cliqued shit that you have all heard before about fails being something to learn from.

Fails are nothing to be ashamed of, they happen to everyone and everyone has their own way of dealing with them. For most of my life, I treated fails as the worst thing that could happen. I would hide them away and never speak of them. It was only after I heard that you could learn from fails that I ever really understood them. We are all going to fail, some of us may even fail today. We could lose a job, fail to do homework, fail to be creative, something you do today might be considered a fail in your eyes or the people that are around you.

However, a fail is only a fail if you fail to learn from it. Failing to learn from a fail is a recipe for disaster. Every fail has a lesson attached to it and if you find this lesson and learn it then does it really count as a fail? Aren’t fails needed so that we can all learn? If we fuck up and don’t learn from it then yes that is a fail because the lesson is there to be learned and yet we failed to see it. Failing to see the lesson that a fail can teach you is really the only way that a fail can ever be a fail.

Don’t be afraid to fail, you will fail throughout your life, be afraid of the day you don’t see the lesson trying to be taught.

Improv word: fail.


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