Curious murderers

celebrating-1297376_1280Being curious is a wonderful way to live, it is one of the very best ways to stay alive in this world. From the dawn of man, the people that were curious were always changing things. The curious people are the reason we are where we are today. There are people who are happy to stay in the cave and see the world from their point of view and their vantage point and then there are the curious who are hell bent on finding out things and exploring the world with their own eyes.

The people who wait in their caves are waiting for the curious to return to learn about the world. The curious are waiting for their next chance to get out into the world. Vikings were very curious, and murderers, curious murderers, I suppose. They decided to see the world and what fortunes awaited them and so they built ships that could travel the oceans like no other. They set sail to see what they could see and then they conquered what they saw and returned to their world rich, powerful and even more curious.

The curious people of this world are the ones that advance us in everything, they are the ones willing to try new things simply to see if they will work or not. These are the people that have got us to the place we are now, they are the reason you can read this blog post, they are the reason the world is still such a curious place.

Curious people are the best kind of people, I am curious about becoming one of these curious people. Perhaps one day I will be curious enough to find out what all the fuss is about.

Improv word: Curious.


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