Being fearful of newspaper

blauaras-406776_1920Being fearful of things in life can either be very healthy or something that can drive you and everyone around you crazy. A fear of things that can kill you is healthy, things like sharks, lions, killer clowns, snakes and stuff is something that nature has given us to help us stay alive. This fear is healthy because if we were still in the food chain, these would be the things that we would need to avoid.

Being fearful of muffins, newspaper and envelopes are things that can drive others around you a little bit crazy. They are the things that will put everyone around you on edge any moment you step into a shop or a café. However, these fears can make sense to the people that have them and they should be respected. They should simply be told to grow up and get on with it, being fearful of something must come from somewhere. Somewhere deep down inside where the mystery lies.

Being fearful of everything and nothing isn’t something to be embarrassed about, everyone has a fear that others don’t understand. The key to understanding other people’s fears is to understand your own. This way you take your weird shit, understand it and hopefully understand others weird shit as well. This is, basically, the world works, trying to understand everyone’s weird shit and your own.

Improv word: Fearful.


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