Political madness

earth-11008_1280I am not a very political person. I have never voted and I know that this is fucking stupid and I am not bragging about it or telling you that it is right in any way, because it isn’t. Everyone should vote because we are very lucky to have a say in what happens to our country, but then, do we really have a say in what happens to our country?

When this Brexit stuff happened over here, I didn’t vote because I didn’t know all of the facts and didn’t feel that I had the right to vote because of this. But when I woke up the morning after we left, I saw people from every political party going back on their word and a world that just didn’t seem as bright as the day before. If I had of voted, I would have voted remain, but I wanted to know the facts of what this would mean and I didn’t look into it so I didn’t vote.

Then I found out that the highest searched term on the Google the following day was “what does leaving the EU mean?” Meaning the people who voted to leave didn’t know the facts either. I should have voted and will if given the chance to again. Even though it seems that politics is a fucking awful thing, it is filled with liars, cheaters and total cunts, it is very important to vote, it is our way of changing our country for the better, even though it may not feel like it some years.

Improv word: Political


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