Life’s bumpy bits

way-865298_1920By now, we can all accept that not all roads are smooth and while you are travelling down a road, it isn’t uncommon to find a bumpy spot. A spot of potholes and potluck that you’ll be lucky to pass in your car full of dreams and booze. Every road has its bumps and some need to be taken with more care than others. It is not a simple task, travelling over the bumpy road sometimes, it takes care and precision but it can be done. It should be done, going backwards is a shit option, you have travelled this far on the road, you should continue on to your destination, it might be just round the corner.

These bumpy roads are the same that we face in life. When you go for a promotion that you don’t get or have a bad a year. These are the bumpy bits on the road. Everyone will have a shit load of bumpy bits, it’s just the way is. The bumpy bits are the bits that will help us learn the most. No one has ever felt how strong they are on a straight bit of smooth road. These bumps are learning experiences, that’s all. They are something you have to get round to get back on with the journey to your destination.

If these bumpy bits hold you back, which they try to do, then it isn’t the end of the world. Just like the bumpy bits on a normal road, you may need to change a tire or get yourself under the hood to right out what’s wrong, but you will get back onto the road having learnt something from the bumpy bits. Don’t be afraid of the bumps, let the bumps be afraid of you.

Improv word: Bumpy.


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