Something Interesting: Meteorites

something interesting

I would like to take you back in time a little bit, back to a place that was filled with cartoons for many us, the 90s, of course! Something quite interesting (plug) happened in the 90’s surrounding meteorites and I would like to share it with you. The event I am talking about is, of course, the meteor shower that happened on Jupiter.

Now, I know you are asking yourself, ‘why in the balls does this guy think I would give shit about a meteor shower on Jupiter?’ but stay with me cos I think you’ll like it. Before this time there was a huge debate in the science world about how the dinosaurs were killed off, some thought it happened instantly, one massive something did something very bad and the dinosaurs couldn’t handle it. Other scientists told those scientists to fuck off. Thus, there was a debate.

meteorite-1060886_1920On 16th July 1994, shit went sideways for the rude scientists (they weren’t actually rude, I just like swearing) you see, on this day a meteor shower on Jupiter began and thanks to the Hubble telescope, scientists could now see a meteor shower in space and determine how fucking gnarly they really were.

Many people doubted the gnarliness of the showers, one person even said they would happily watch Jupiter eat up a few rocks. You see, bloody rude indeed! Although they had a point because there wasn’t much evidence to suggest what people were suggesting i.e. the dinosaurs were destroyed instantly. There was no way a meteorite could do that kind of damage to a planet, no, na, nope, or could it?

Well, after a week of meteorites bumping uglies on Jupiter the results were in and the results were fucking interesting! One of the meteorites (or fragments which the scientists called them cos they weren’t that big) called Nucleus G, who isn’t a rapper but a rock, was about the size of a small mountain, in the grand scheme of things that isn’t that big, apparently. Well, Nucleus G may not have been that big but it damn sure punched the living fuck out of Jupiter. It caused wounds in the surface the size of Earth.

earth-11008_1280Yes, you read that correctly. The size of fucking Earth. Oh, and there is about a billion (maybe more) of these things in our solar system, there is fuck all we can do to stop them and fuck all way we can tell they are going to fuck us up until it is too late! Yay for fucking science!

Anyway, I thought that was quite cool and fucking depressing. As a result of that day in July 1994, scientists now had strong evidence to suggest that one big bad thing fucked the living fuck out of the dinosaurs. That’s your something interesting today, sorry for all the swearing but I think in the case of a rock creating a hole the size of Earth, it is justified!


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