My trip to the north

gleise-1555348_1920My trip up north went without a hitch yesterday. When I arrived at the train station to begin my journey, however, I had a suspicion that things might not work out the way they had been planned as the ticket guy let me and a policeman through at the same time. The policeman was at the station because of a gas leak in London, I don’t why he was at a station so far down the track from London, I assume to stop people getting angry at the ticket people.

So, this gave me the idea that all the trains were going to be completely fucked and some of them were but thankfully mine were only 10 minutes late and I could get my connecting trains, so everything worked well. When I got here I had to wait for half an hour for someone else to arrive. I found a bar across the road from the station and had my 5th beer of the day, it’s fair to say I was feeling quite drunk by then and the drinking continued into the night, after a taxi ride with a driver who didn’t seem impressed to see such a drunk at such a time of day.

Now I am in the north for a few more days, there is a slight plan but nothing set in stone, the kind of plans I like, the ones that can be changed depending on mood and energy level. My trip up here was uneventful but hopefully, the trip as a whole won’t be.

Improv word: Trip.


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