Gun control, right or wrong?

scar-manI am sure that everyone has a different opinion about what’s right and what’s wrong. I have no doubt about this because most of us see topics of discussion and see that they aren’t just black and white, there’s plenty of other shit going on as well. A perfect example of this type of discussion is the gun control laws in America. We can all have an opinion about it but only the government and America can do anything about the topic.

A lot of people think it is their right to bare arms and yes it is your right to bare arms, at the moment. This was put into your constitution so that you could raise a militia and fight if the government become a bunch of punch drunk wankers. I like this rule, I think it is a cool rule, however, I also think it is slightly old fashioned now. I think that it is time to face facts here, violence doesn’t solve anything, it just creates more violence.

Having a gun is not right or wrong (as long as it’s legal, otherwise it’s wrong) I know the argument for and against, some say they are a danger to have in the house and others say they are for defense. I understand both arguments and I have no idea which one is right or wrong. It is correct that they are dangerous, they kill people very easily that makes them dangerous. However, they would offer a lot of protection, if you think that your house is going to be broken into by a small army.

Obviously, I know nothing about the topic and don’t really have the right to have an opinion on it, but that’s the best thing about an opinion, anyone can have one! We can take the shit that we know and then form an opinion around all of that and then have arguments about it all in pubs and bars around the world and some of the people in the argument will have guns and some won’t.

Improv word: Right.


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