To the north

gleise-1555348_1920Today I head up north, north toward a week off. I have no idea what this week off will hold, all I know is that I am ready for it. I am ready to relax, unwind and drink wine. The last few days have been spent getting my work for the week done and now that is done to the best of my ability, I can look towards the north and look towards a good time.

So north I go, on a train of despair. Everyone sitting alone, alone on a throne made of plastic praying that the ticket man isn’t rude or sarcastic. I love travelling by train, however, a vain, glorified ticket machine is a simple fiend. Destined to ruin any train ride in its stride.

Go fourth to the north and get lost in the world where others dreams are held. Come back for the next of work that you enjoy, full of joy, full of relaxed brain and probably a bag full of clothes wet from the rain.

Improv Word: North. No idea where all that came from!


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