The hole story

laundry-413688_1920I once saw my friends dad fall down a hole. Perhaps the funniest thing I have ever seen and this happened a long time ago. I was sitting in my living room, with my friend and my dad, we were talking and then we heard shouting from outside, my friend’s dad.

My friend began to get scared, as you do when you know you are getting caught for something you have done wrong. As the shouting continued, I could sense it getting closer, I wasn’t yet looking at the window at this point. Then there was a tap at the window and I turned round. My friends dad began to shout at my friend to come home once again, then he took a step to his left.

Before we go on, I should explain where he was standing. Below my living room window is a very small patch of grass, on that piece of grass there is a manhole.

My friend’s dad took a step to his left and just disappeared, fucking gone. Everyone in the living room began laughing, even though we didn’t know what had happened. We opened the door to find my friends dad climbing out of the manhole, by now fucking livid, which made it funnier. As we were crying, he was shouting, we carried on crying and then my mate had to go home and do the thing he got in trouble for not doing.

And that’s my hole story, that happened when I was 10, maybe younger and it is still fresh in mind and still funny to me. It was like watching an angry magician. Thank you to my friend’s dad and my friend for getting in trouble, without either of these things, there would be no story to tell.

Improv word: Hole.


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