The common travellers bag

landscape-1158269_1280If you are a traveller that has a favourite bag that you travel with all the time then you are a filthy person. Ok, no you aren’t but that bag is! Has anyone in the history of the world ever washed a bag? Imagine how fucking filthy that bags straps are. All of the places that you have been and put your bag on the floor. The seats of buses and trains that it has been left on, the smells and stains that it has soaked up. Your bag is fucking disgusting.

The straps of your bag have been soaking in the filth of the world for years now and yet you keep carrying it around. If it were ever to break, you would let out of a cry of despair, yet you should let out of a cry of joy. Thank fuck it broke, now I won’t have to wear this hazmat suit any longer!

Of course, I am only joking, I’m sure your bag straps are fine, but I like to think that you are now looking at your bag unsure whether to touch it or burn it.

Improv Word: Strap.


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