Goals and what to do with them.

shield-1519642_1920Align yourself with people who have the same goals as you. Don’t tell anyone your goals. Two posts I have seen on Facebook today, not likely written by the same person but slightly confusing all the same. So, which is it? Align or silence about your goals because you can’t have both. If you align yourself with people who share your goal, you give your secrets away right there. Well, for what it’s worth, here is my opinion on this topic.

I think whether you align yourself with people or tell no one about your goals, the fact remains that it is up to you to follow your dreams, turn them into goals and complete your goals. Whether you have an army of people around you or you are doing it by yourself, you have to do complete the goals, no one else. So it depends on the person you are.

If you are a person who thrives under pressure, tell the world your goals and watch them laugh in your face. Now the pressure is on because you have no choice but to succeed. If you don’t deal with stress very well then the second option is for, tell no one. Just work, work, work in secret so that you have no pressure and no one laughing at you.

live-511556_1280Finally, be prepared to get laughed whenever you are ready to tell the world what you want to do, it’s going to happen so you might as well be prepared for it! Here’s something that happens to me all the time. Someone will ask me what I do for a living and I say that I am a writing. You see the glint in their eye that says ‘no, I meant your day job’ or ‘oh, so you don’t do anything’. Apparently, it isn’t socially acceptable to say in return of this glint ‘look, cunt, I type my fingers to the bone every day so that I can be free from work that will kill me before I have ever truly lived’, apparently that’s just rude.

Well, fuck that, be proud of your goals and your dreams and when someone gives you the laugh or glint just get your head down and keep working, it doesn’t matter what they think, all that matters is what you think. If you think you can make it then fucking do it, don’t let people who are scared to live their dreams stop you from living your dreams.


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