Sturdy people, sturdy benches

laundry-413688_1920A friendship is very much like a bench, well, sort of. If a bench looks sturdy then you know it can carry your weight before you sit down. If a bench looks a little flimsy, you will take each care as you make your way towards sitting on it. A friendship or relationship is much the same, don’t sit on your friends or your partner, though, they may not understand that you are checking for sturdiness.

I think in order to trust someone, you have to know that they can take the weight of your problems, like the bench, but instead of your arse, it’s your problems. If they are sturdy enough to take all the shit that comes with being your mate or your partner then they are clearly fucking cool because if you are anything like me, I have a shit load of shit for people to drag around with them.

Finding sturdy people isn’t always easy and you can’t blame the ones who have too much and fuck off. Everyone has their own shit to deal with and sometimes we all need to run and hide. Once you find a sturdy friend, cling on to them like an old person on a sturdy bench during a hurricane. I know this post makes no sense but if it has done anything, I truly hope it has given you the image of an old person clinging on to a bench in a hurricane, if it has then I have done my job.

Improv word: Sturdy.


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