Scrub away the monster

goblin-1612076_1920The more I tried to scrub the bad memories out of my head, the more they returned and created a monster. A monster that lived inside of me that would pop up every now and again and remind me of some terrible shit that I did to someone or something. This monster would never go away, the more I scrubbed, the more I panicked, the more I fought it, it would return stronger and more resilient than ever.

This monster lives in me still, there is nothing that I can do to get rid of it. But we must learn from this monster of regret, take a new path and find something that will keep it at bay. This monster is never going to go away. When you are 70, sitting in a nursing home, staring out of the window at the bleak grey sky, something from your twenties will pop in your mind and you will be filled with remorse and regret.

All we can do is find a way to live with the monster. We can not scrub this monster away, no amount of cleaning will get rid of it, however, we can learn from the monster of regret and not make the same mistakes again. We are always going to make other mistakes, that is in our nature and that will fuel the monster more but we can try and learn from these as well. Instead of letting the monster haunt us, we can allow it to makes us powerful and better than ever.

Improv word: Scrub.


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