Love the mad ones!

blauaras-406776_1920The people that we surround ourselves with should be the people that we love the most in this world. The ones that make your world a little brighter just by being in it. The ones that would take a piece of you with you if they were ever to leave your life. Those are the people that we should love the most.

I think I am very lucky, I have a lot of people in my life who I feel this about. I have just counted and I came to a number of 10. 10 people that make my life better simply by being in it. They all have their faults, I have more faults than all of them combined, yet somehow they take me along for their ride all the same.

This is what I think love is. I am not sure whether there really is something called love because there are too many rules that go along with love. Love should be uncontrollable and ruleless yet some people take it upon themselves to create rules for it. Well, I am creating a rule right now, I think.

dogs-708354_1920I don’t think I believe in true love. Perhaps if I only had one person in my life that I loved, I might, but I have 10. I know there are different kinds of love but is there really? isn’t it the idea of wanting to spend time with someone, laugh, cry, skateboard (not for everyone), talk, create and do anything and everything else in the world with a person that makes us love them? Surely sex and all the other things in a relationship are just by-products of being in a relationship with someone and not the way we should think of love.

Perhaps it’s just me but I think that you can love as many people in this world as you like in as many different ways you like. I don’t believe in true love, I believe that we should love everyone who makes us feel alive and happy in the same manner.

Improv word: Love. Love the mad ones!


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