Be prepared

live-511556_1280I am preparing, I am not preparing for the world to end or a zombie hoard to come straight out of the TV and grab me, I am preparing for the day I decide that enough is enough and I must start to live my life.

For 26 years I have lived an unfulfilling life, going from job to job to bring money and unhappiness into my life, being in relationships which bought arguments and much the same unhappiness.

But now I realise that all of this was to prepare me for the life I want to live, a life I have to live, a life I must live. A life to look back on and not see regret because everything I did taught me something about myself or the world.

This means then that we are all preparing for that life, some of us give up before the life we should lead presents itself and some achieve it quickly. Every single event in our lives is there to teach us something, what you or I learn may be completely different but if we both learn something then we have both gained an opportunity and in the end, we can all live our lives the way we want to.


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