4am wake up

dscf0006I got up at 4am today, not because of some motivational shit that I am going to preach to you now, I got up at 4am today because my dog woke me up. I basically fell asleep standing up last night, I was exhausted, worked about 12 hours yesterday on a bunch of stuff and passed out cos I’m fun guy.

I forgot to open my window when I finally made it to bed after standing in the corner asleep (I wasn’t standing in the corner asleep, I am not a vampire). So, my dogs came into my room and made the room feel like an oven, one of them started panting so loud that it woke me up, I opened the window then just never went back to sleep, got up, got coffee, got working.

No idea how this will effect my day, I will most likely pass out again later on but fuck it! For now, I am ready to kick some ass for the day and that’s all that matters.


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