The grass is always greener

dogs-708354_1920We all have a jealous moment sometimes. I think it’s probably just human nature to see the grass greener in our neighbour’s garden. People are jealous of others in different ways, some people are jealous when they see their partner talking to someone else, others are jealous because of a situation someone else is in.

jealousy is our fault, it is the individual who feels jealous that has the issue. Of course, this makes sense, it isn’t the stranger that we are looking at in the street who has the issue. Feeling jealous of a situation is the feeling that our minds give us when we are unhappy with the situation we are in. being jealous of a partner talking to someone else could be many things, you may have been cheated on in the past, but that would make you angry or scared by the situation, it might that they don’t pay enough attention to the jealous person and that is why they are jealous. I can’t honestly say for sure.

We all get jealous, it’s in our nature, but we shouldn’t be consumed by jealousy. Jealousy will lead you down a path that you don’t want to go down, it will take control of your life and one day you’ll wake up and ask yourself ‘how the fuck did I get here?’ Don’t let jealousy consume you, live your life and if you are jealous of someone else’s life, look at your own and find out why.


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