Activists and a question that needs answering.

one-way-street-1113973_1920I have to say that the word activist is a hard one to write about. On the one hand, activists have made our society a beautiful place to live and be free. Activists have started some of the greatest movements in our history. From giving women the freedom to vote and actually be seen as equals, to the black movement doing the same and the gay movement doing the same. It is a beautiful and wonderful thing and I love each and every one of the people that started the fight and ended the fight.

On the other hand, do we call the people that these wonderful people above fought against activists as well? I mean, they are kind of doing what the activists are doing only for the other side and fighting for things to remain the same rather than change. I know there are a lot of names that we could call these people, I have a couple of names in my head right now. But what is the right name?

This is my dilemma and it is probably only a dilemma because I am dumb and don’t know the word for the opposite of an activist. I don’t think it’s cunt but that feels right. My dilemma is this, if it is just the people that are on the side of good that are called activists then those people are fucking awesome. However, if it described both sides of the coin then 50% of activists are cool and the others are fuckers.

Please let me know how dumb I have been in the comments if you have got this far without breaking your screens.

Improv word: Activist.


Thanks for the comment

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