Who do you rely on?

one-way-street-1113973_1920I think that you can tell a lot about a person by who they rely on. For example, if anyone relies on me, they are a fucking idiot and shouldn’t be trusted. I rely on some really cool people, some of whom have let me down a few times but everyone is human and you have to expect that if you are ever going to have any friends in this world.

I rely on the people I rely on because they tell me how it is. I would never live my life with yes men in my corner (ooo, that a sexist phrase isn’t it!) Yes men can fuck off, if I’m being a dick, someone needs to tell me to stop being a dick and my mates are very good at doing that. They are also good at telling me when something is shit. I used to fucking hate that but they are doing it for good reasons.

Let’s say you are entering an art competition run by an art gallery, the prize is that you will be put in the gallery with some of the best artists in the world, alive and dead. You decide to enter and paint something that a parent wouldn’t even put on their fridge if their kid came home from school with it, they would burn it and kill their dream because their dream is shit. You show it to your mates for their honest opinion. Would rather them lie and say it’s amazing so you enter into a competition full of world class artists or tell you the truth, allowing you to avoid embarrassment and wasting your time?

I would prefer the second one, an honest opinion. I am really lucky that I have a lot of friends that I can rely on to give me their honest opinion, whether I want to hear it or not.

Improv word: Rely.


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