Raking leaves

autumn-1685924_1920One autumn day a few years ago now, I was set the task to rake up the leaves in a massive car park. A friend of mine was on hand to help and we were handed two rakes and told to get to work. I have no idea why this task was put on me, I was simply hanging out at a rugby club watching my mates play, but the job needed doing and there was beer at the end so why not?

It took about 2 hours to rake the whole car park, it was a large car park. After about an hour my hands decided that manual labor wasn’t really their thing so I started to get blisters from using the rake. This then made the act of raking the car park a race against time. Could I rake the leaves up before the blisters pop and ran their juice down the handle making it slippery and harder to use?

Well, no I couldn’t. By the end of the two-hour job, I had tears of skin all over my hand that were once blisters and freshly opened wounds in the crisp autumn air holding a rake that was now a lot harder to hold. But we finished the job. We did it and the beer that was offered was given to us. It didn’t taste as good as I thought it would, maybe blister juice got in there or something.

If there is a lesson in this story it is probably that you should finish everything you start or don’t ever do manual labor for beer or blisters on your hand suck or beer doesn’t taste as good when you create a beer and blister juice cocktail. I leave you to decide what to take away from it.

Improv Word: Rake


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