Being doubtful

lion-617365_1280I think being doubtful about something can either be very healthy or the worse thing to happen to someone. It depends on who you are I suppose, some people enjoy the idea of not knowing if something will work and others won’t do it if they are doubtful about it.

I think I have been both types of these people in my life. I started off as the doubtful so I won’t bother type, that’s why I got such good grades in school (if you haven’t read my other blogs, I didn’t get good grades in school.) As I’ve got older, I have learned to take this doubt and run with it. Yea sure, sometimes it isn’t going to work, but other times you’ll surprise yourself.

I now like a doubtful challenge and they are awesome when they work. When they don’t, you learn something from them so it’s good either way. Challenging yourself to do something that you’ve never done before is a healthy way to live, I think. Unless that thing is getting in a cage with a lion. Basically, if you are doubtful you’ll live, maybe skip that one.

Improv Word: Doubtful.


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