A story about my sister

dogs-708354_1920I was reminded of a funny story about my sister the other day and as the word sister has come out of the pot today, I might as well share it. It happened when I was a kid, no shit tattoos, no borderline drinking problem, just a fat little ginger kid. I was playing around with a mate, we used to set up loads of pillows and stuff off the end of my dad’s bed and jump off of the bed onto them, it was fun. One day we were doing that and started fighting, no idea why but we did, my mate bit me on the arm because he’s a savage man even now. My sister, hearing my cries of pain, even though it didn’t hurt, ran upstairs to see what was wrong.

blauaras-406776_1920I cried out in a whimpering little voice (I assume) ‘he bit me!’ My sister already hated this kid and that was enough for her to know. She dragged him down the stairs, either by his hair or his arm (my memory is awful) and just threw him out of the fucking door. It was like watching the Hulk fuck up Loki in the Avengers, just no regard for his body at all. Threw him out the door, closed the door and then carried on with whatever she was doing before hand. She seized the chance she had always wanted to have.

My mate told me that story the other day, the one who bite me, we are still friends, have been for 20 years, my sister actually likes him now. Well, she says she likes him, I think she’s waiting for another chance to strike!

Improv Word: Sister.

The photo of the dogs is to represent my mate biting me and the parrot is cool!


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