We all have a tendency to…

cosplay-1011450_1920I have a tendency to say really dumb shit, I know this surprises you but it’s true. Every now and then, I will say the dumbest thing that has ever been said and ruin any fucking chance of anyone taking anything I say seriously ever again.

I once asked some people I was with when 9/11 was, I meant what year but it didn’t fucking sound like that. I’m so fucking stupid that I am sitting here trying to think of some more dumb shit that I’ve said and I can’t! I think these types of tendencies are fine, you don’t hurt anyone when this sort of shit happens, it might have hurt some people if I had said that 9/11 thing at an event for people who lost someone in the tragedy but it was at a car show.

I think these moments are funny as fuck and we all get them. The smartest people I know, say some of the dumbest shit ever, don’t pretend that you haven’t done it. Leave your funny dumb shit in the comments and I’ll see you in a few hours! Peace out!

Improv word: Tendency


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