This special moment

One of the most special moments in my life was supposed to just be a normal day, me and a few mates went up to Milton Keynes to have a skate at the bus station that is now going to be a homeless shelter or something like that. that’s not the point, we went skating, I was happy because we were skating, then my mate disappeared and came up with another man, a friend of mine, who handed me some skateboards with my face on it. That was fucking crazy! It’s something every skater thinks about as a kid and it just happened.

about me 2Now, I know I didn’t deserve this cool thing to happen, I’m stoked it happened and it was very special but I didn’t deserve it. This man, let’s call him Mat cos that’s his name, put his faith in me and my face, faith that meant this board with my face on it had to sell. I think he’s sleeping on the streets somewhere now, perhaps at the bus station in Milton Keynes! Fucking hell, I actually tie a story together for a change! This is a special moment!

Of course, I’m kidding, he isn’t on the streets, he has a perfectly healthy gambling addiction from trying to earn back all the money that he lost from those boards. Come on man, you can’t really expect this ugly mug to earn you fucking money! Rookie mistake!

Improv word: Special.


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