The fence that me and a crazy person built

forest-868715_1920My dad came home from work one day about 5 years ago to find that the fence that surrounded our garden was gone. I was living in Cambridge at the time in a house that could fall down at any minute. He phoned me to tell me about it and it was our bipolar neighbour who had decided that he didn’t like fences anymore and wanted a bigger garden.

The fence remained gone for about a year, my bipolar neighbour was in a better place after that period of time and no one was using this massive garden that came to life overnight. Then I wanted to get a dog but they had a dog and so a fence had to be built.

It was decided, not by me, that I had to do it since I wanted the dog. Luckily, one of my best friends is a landscape gardener and a crazy person but we will get to that in a bit. So, I cleared the garden out, levelled it off and then him and his brother came round and levelled it off properly.

Then came the day to build the fence. My friend came round and spent the whole day talking to himself. I never realised how lonely fence building could be when the person you are building it with spends most of the time talking to someone or something that isn’t there.

We got it done, I got the dog and she is still awesome, my neighbour still has bipolar and my mate still talks to himself. This is my fence story.

Improv word: Fence.


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