Getting hit by a car

I was out skating one day and I checked my phone after a few hours to find a text from dad saying that my dog had been hit by a car. That was it, just that, no more information at all. Was she ok, was she hurt, was it dead? Fucking nothing. I really didn’t want to phone him because I didn’t want him to say she was dead cos she’s fucking cool. I bit the bullet and phoned him and I got the news.

dscf0006She was fucking fine. The car had bumped into her, she had a little limp and had to take pills for a week. I called him a prick because I was mad that he made me feel emotions, emotions suck! When I got home, she came running up to me as if it was just another day, it wasn’t, I thought she was fucking dead for 10 minutes of the day!

I swear, nothing phases this dog, she can do anything and it doesn’t bother her. I have seen her hit her face on a door frame fucking hard when she was excited and just carried on with her business. I did that once, hit my head on a door frame and I nearly knocked myself out!

Anyway, my dog is cool, both of my dogs are cool.

Improv word: Dog


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