Business men

vintage-1291644_1920As the business men take their place on the train with their Blackberry’s and laptops and their sense of importance that only they can see, I take my place in front of my laptop, staring at the map above me and wondering where the fuck I should go next. The business men and I both sit on a laptop all day trying to make sense of the things we see on the screen. For them, it is the numbers of their businesses daily takings that have them concerned, for me, it is the feeling that everything I write is shit that has me concerned.

A business man will happily show off these numbers when they are good, I would never and could never show off my work. I am happy for you to read it as you are right now, but to sit in the same room as you and watch you read it, well, that’s what nightmares are made of. Creative work should be like this, there should be no bragging. If you think you are the best in the world at something, you aren’t. Especially something creative when there are a million different ways you can do something, you can be a good business man all day long and brag about it, it doesn’t really matter, everyone fucking hates you anyway. Everyone hates you because everyone has experienced that prick of a business man who thinks, because he has a first class ticket for a plane or a train, it puts him above you. It doesn’t, it takes you away from us and no one is more happy about that than us.

Now I think about it, business men and me are not that different, we both look at a laptop all day, we both have an opinion to say, we both think we are shit deep down and try our best not to frown. We are same and completely different all at once, I guess we all are though.

Improv word: Business. No idea where all that came from.


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