I want to be a fat black man

music-748118_1920I would love to play an instrument, the problem with learning to play an instrument is that you have to be taught how to play it and I am not very good at being taught something. I can learn to do stuff, I learned to do woodworking stuff, but that was mostly from YouTube and nearly cutting off my fingers. Being taught is something I find very difficult.

I know this makes me a piece of shit, I totally understand that and that I should have the patience to learn something that I want to do, but every time I pick up an instrument, I just want to be good right away. I want to play guitar like BB King, play the drums like a really good drummer (fuck knows) and so on and so on.

I guess I’ll just be content with writing. I mean, I love writing so it isn’t like I’m not having fun and maybe one day, I’ll write like BB King plays. Practicing writing is not a chore for me, I’m doing it right now, practicing guitar, on the other hand, would be heartbreaking, all the bum notes when all you want is to be playing Sweet Child of Mine like Slash!

Improv word: Instrument.


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