He called his dad what?!?

It’s quite strange nowadays that we hold YouTube titles in a higher regard than people titles, I am pretty sure that’s not the right way to say that, but fuck it! People titles like ma’am, sir, Mrs and Mr, have all kind of gone away a bit, this might be because I don’t put myself in many situations to be called any of these things and I watch a lot of stuff on YouTube, I don’t know or care.

Something I hate about people titles is when someone of the same age as me, working in a shop, calls me sir. That dude can fucking die, don’t call me sir, call me mate or something or don’t call me by any name to get my attention. Shout something at a wall and then say ‘can I help?’ I would prefer having the shit scared out of my arsehole than being called sir.

I call my dad sir, not because he was in the army or something like that, it started as a joke and now is some sort of weird nickname. I don’t mind that because we both know it’s a joke, I mean, I hope he knows it’s a joke and it’s not that I respect him or something! Of course I respect my dad, chill your comment writing finger the fuck down!

skeleton-1561177_1280So, titles can fuck off and so can YouTube titles, don’t click bait me YouTube! I have just decided to add a click bait title to this blog post! For comic effect, and because I know you are annoyed at yourself for clicking on it and for me making you click on it.

Improv word: Title.


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