Spraying a kid in the face, with a drink, I’m not a monster!

Oh my god, someone is cooking pizza right now, I just opened up the window and it smells so fucking good! Good morning world! What a way to start the day! Anyway, I need to think of something to write about spray, no fucking idea what that’s going to be, so let’s find out…
The only thing I can think of is spraying a kid in the face with one of those Lucozade sport bottle things. You know the ones, with the webbing or plastic or whatever it is? The fine mist that turns any adult into a child, imagine what would happen to a kid! Now, I have never done this, I know, I am a disappointment to us all, but if I get the chance, I will. Oh, and I’m not thinking about doing it to an 8 or 9 year old either, oh no, like a toddler, basically, my nephew.

Now, this brings up an interesting point, when the spray from the bottle hits that cute little kid in the face and he cries, because you know he’s going to cry. What will happen? Will I console him and give him a hug and tell him everything will be alright? Or, and this is far more likely, will I laugh until I cry so that we are both crying for very different reasons.

vintage-1291644_1920He’s crying because a monster just spat at him and I am crying because I’ve just seen the funniest thing that has ever happened! I guess his version of events is true, I am a monster and I did just spray him in the face with a sports drink. And yes, I am saying spray with a sports drink a lot and that’s because I refuse to say it in the creepy way that you are all expecting me to say it.

So, now I have shown my true colours and added yet another thing to the list of things my sister wants to kill me for, I shall leave it there. Let me know what you would do, laugh or hug and subscribe for more improv article, peace out!

Improv word: spray


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