Expand your mind, man!


laundry-413688_1920As I have said before, I am an idiot, this is not bringing myself down or being depressed, this is just a fact that we must all come to terms with, I am an idiot. I have very little formal education, I didn’t read for about 20 years of my life, I didn’t do anything to culture or educate myself for a very long time.

As a result of this, I now fully understand the importance of expanding my mind. My mind has to expand because it’s a very important part of life. The good thing about being an idiot is that you can very quickly expand your mind if you have nothing in there, it takes about 10 minutes to get a little smarter.

You can expand your mind just by going through life, I learned that Italy takes a month off each summer when I worked in a motorbike shop because a gent wanted to order some leathers and it would take a month because the company was busy tanning themselves and not leather. So, you can learn stuff on the job, however, reading is a great way to expand your mind, but I know you know that already.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAReading can be an escape, an adventure, a look at the past or future. There are so many books in the world that reading can be whatever you want it to be. You can learn, laugh, frown or cry and do it all over again the next day. There are more books in this world than anyone can read in their lifetime which is pretty fucking cool, I even have one, which is fucking ridiculous!

I like expanding my mind and trying different things now. For the whole of my childhood, I just wanted to skateboard. Now, I want to skate and learn and expand and read books and see the world from any angle that’s possible and hopefully, that is a good way to live your life, if it isn’t then I am going to do it anyway.

Improv word: Expand.


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