A walk in the woods

forest-868715_1920I was walking through the woods one day, it was a pleasant day, the trees were blowing in the gentle wind, there was a stream to my left that trickled lightly so that the faintest sound of it could be heard from the path. I was strolling along on this summer day, just out for a walk, a happy walk, not a, I’m going to walk until something kills me walk, and then, all of a sudden, the mood change and everything got a little darker.

It seemed as though the world was ending, the sun had disappeared from the blue sky, the wind picked up to such a degree that it could have uprooted the trees that it had kissed only a moment before. The stream became a torrent of water, heading towards a small bridge upstream that would be destroyed in the blink of an eye. While all this happen, I looked down, to see the culprit. A fucking mouse was sitting on my foot, its furry head looking up at my face with an expression as if to say ‘what?’

What?!? Your furry fucking balls are sitting on my shoe, that’s fucking what, you piece shit, get the fuck off of me! He just sat there, took all my insults, took them all in a way everyone can do on a good day, he was having the best day of his life, his furry fucking piece of shit arse was sitting on my shoe, not on the cold wet ground of the forest, he had stepped his life up and I was about to step on his furry little fucking attitude and his life!

mouse-1708347_640As quickly as he had come, he was gone. He decided my shoe probably wasn’t the place for him to live. He perhaps felt my toes move into position, ready to kick his furry fucking life across the little stream. He ran off back into the woods to find a better home and I continued on my walk the weather had returned to normal and all the anger and hate for the little mouse was behind me.

This story is made up. Improv word: Furry.


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